Steve Sanson’s strong commitment to his country and his community has been demonstrated through his leadership and service in the United States Marine Corps in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, which earned him the distinguished Certificate of Commendation from the United States Marine Corps.  Sanson served in the Marine Corps from 1985 to 1991 and the United States Army from 1992 to 1998 and is a Desert Storm Veteran.  Sanson is also 100% disabled from injuries sustained during Operation Desert Storm.


Sanson is the President for Veterans In Politics International a non-partisan group that endorses candidates for an elected seat and a military watchdog for veteran’s rights.  Sanson has been actively involved with his group in 2004 by endorsing the best candidates to represent the people of Nevada in all elections.  Sanson’s group schedules interviews that are open to the public and invite all candidates to participate in a forum. Sanson’s group endorses candidates from each seat, presents the winners with the endorsement and markets each candidate to the voters.  Sanson is also in charge of several chapters across the country and in Canada.
Sanson has testified in front of our Nevada State Legislature on various Veteran issues which include the following: 1) Assembly Bill 3 keeping the ‘state recognized veteran cemeteries’ to have green landscaping 2) Assembly Bill 187 a Veterans Court to give the veterans of Nevada a chance for treatment instead of incarceration, especially those veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sanson also went to Carson City several times to meet with our Governor and the Assembly and Senate to ensure that bills are passed. Sanson also spoke on behalf of Veterans In Politics in front of the EOD to keep nuclear waste out of Nevada. Sanson was instrumental in meeting with all the judges in Southern Nevada to have a Veterans Court established within North Las Vegas Municipal and Justice, Henderson Municipal and Justice, Las Vegas Municipal and Justice, and Clark County District Courts.
Sanson also sponsored placing the name “Veteran” on our Nevada Drivers License to inform police officers that the individual is a military veteran just in case de-escalation is needed.  Sanson spearheaded a fight against the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police on their need to change policies when dealing with veterans that might have PTSD.
Sanson has put a campaign together to educate the public and the legislature on passing a law to protect Service Members Service Connected Disability Benefits not to be used in Family Court Alimony Cases.
Sanson and his group Veterans In Politics went to Washington DC campaigning for a Veteran Insurance Card; which would allow veterans to visit any hospital, clinic, or doctor of their choice.
Sanson promotes active participation in the election process for our citizens to be educated on candidates and get involved both locally and nationally by eligible voters. Sanson is also the host of Veterans In Politics Video Internet Talk Show onhttp://www.wwdbtv.com/veterans-in-politics.html every Saturday afternoon, discussing issues that concern the community with distinguished members of our community.
Sanson was also the host of “Eye On Nevada Politics” radio talk show on KLAV 1230-AM every Tuesday night, bringing guest onto the program that are elected officials, candidates, and people in a leadership position.  Sanson used his unique ability by rotating co-host to give the average person a chance to be on the radio, ask questions of the guest, and get involved in the political process by being an educated voter.
Sanson has the Nevada Governor appointment to the Southern Nevada Veteran Cemetery Advisory Board from 2007-2011. Sanson was also a candidate for Las Vegas City Council Ward 6 in 2004, Clark County Public Administrator in 2006 and 2010 and Nevada State Assembly District 13 in 2016.  Sanson received the third Nevada Veteran Service Award by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Director of Nevada Veterans Service Caleb Cage and a Congressional Recognition from Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley in 2013. Nevada has a veteran population of 340,000. Sanson also received a recognition letter for community involvement from Las Vegas City Mayor Carolyn Goodman.
Sanson and his group received a Las Vegas City Proclamation from the Las Vegas City Council, a recognition from North Las Vegas and Henderson City Council, and a recognition from Canyon Springs High School for helping them with the “Shadow a Judge” program.
Sanson was instrumental in having the City of Las Vegas presenting a Proclamation to the United States Marine Corps active and inactive in 2007.
Sanson was also instrumental in bringing light to the discrimination against the Marine Riders Las Vegas.
Sanson was also a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “Use of Force Board” in 2009.
Sanson and a small group of veterans shined a light onto the desperate need of a USO Military Lounge at McCarran Airport.
Sanson was nominated as the 2015 Distinguished Men in Nevada.
Sanson formed a movement in 2016 to expose the corruption within the Clark County Family Court System.
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